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Monday, 30 March 2015

Current Fitness Routine

I feel like I haven't sat down and blogged in a good few months now, and to be honest it has definitely been over a month! I don't want to pour out a load of excuses to you all but lets just say the University work has well and truly been piled high. Anyway, I am back now and I wanted to share with you guys my current health and fitness routine. Now I am no expert at all, but I do sit and read quite a lot of health and fitness blogs and watch a load of Youtube videos on the subject too. I've finally got into a routine that I am happy with so here goes!

Firstly I gym as much as I can. Recently I have been going five times a week, but I do tend to aim for at least four times. For some people this is probably a bit too much, but spare time is something I have quite a bit of (not really but procrastination!), and I genuinely really enjoy going to the gym. It makes me super happy afterwards, even though the initial thought might not be so great. Luckily I have my lovely flatmate to go to the gym with and that way its half as tedious as it is alone. 
In the gym we normally only do about 15 to 20 minutes of cardio, and for another 20 minutes we will do weights.

Leg Press : 45kg, 4 sets of 15
Leg Raise: 25kg, 4 sets of 10
Hip Abductor: 75kg, 4 sets of 20
Hip : 65kg, 4 sets of 20

And then when its not being hogged by a bunch of men, we also do:

Lat Pulldown : 20kg, 3 or 4 sets of  10

To some super strong people this may not seem like enough weight, or enough sets, but for us we really feel it, and I for sure have started to notice a difference in the shape and firmness of my legs. After we have finished the above we move onto the mat and do some ab work as well as focussing on the glutes and arms. We have come up with a little circuit that we like to do three times.

Crunches x 15
Leg Raises x 15
Russian Twist x 15
Glute Bridge x 15
Squat Kicks x 15
Weighted Lunge (with 3 or 4kg dumbbells) x 15
Fly (with 3 or 4kg dumbbells) x 15
Bicep Curl (with 3 or 4kg dumbbells) x 15
Tricep Chop (with 5 or 6kg dumbell) x 15

After this we are well and truly dead so we tend to just stretch it out there and go home. But it doesn't stop there! I discovered "30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne" about two weeks ago now, and have stuck to the programme. Everyday for 30 days there is some form of yoga work out, whether it is a stretch or  a full on workout for the abs. I love Adrienne's enthusiasm and I have been doing the yoga to keep my stress levels down and just to keep myself positive. 

I'm all about loving the body you're given and unless its affecting your health in a negative way, I don't think anyone should worry about the way they look, but I know that is easier said than done. For me I really wanted to tone up and lose a bit of unwanted fat in the tummy and thighs. Those goals for me have pretty much gone, obviously I still want to achieve those things, but for now I am just working out for my inner self, as I know its something that makes me so happy after I've done it. Although I am actually going on holiday on the 5th April so I probably should stop with all the chicken nuggets and chips...

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my current fitness routine! I would like to do more of a 'health' routine, more about what I eat and just general healthy lifestyle, so expect that in the coming weeks!

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