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Friday, 1 July 2016

PHD Nutrition Meal Replacement

Ever since I was a little girl I've loved eating, especially sweet things. Literally, one time my great aunt was looking after me and I cried for hours on end and all she had to do was give me a biscuit to shut me up! With my current determination to get the body I want, I decided it was time to find something I could have to curb my sugar cravings and stop me eating so much.

Initially I stumbled across the PHD shakes after hearing Carly Rowena talk about how they actually taste nice, which was something that really drew me to them. I bought the Chocolate Cookie flavour, and you add one scoop to 250ml of water, it's really simple. Each container has 14 servings in. It genuinely doesn't taste bad, and I also like the Vanilla one! They're really high in protein so I know some people use these as a post-workout protein shake too.

I personally have a shake for breakfast when I have an earlier start or when I am going to the gym first thing. These are instances where I generally would've skipped breakfast or had something quick and easy like a bowl of sugary cereal, which is just not the one. They keep me going for so long, honestly I feel fuller after one of these bad boys than I do after I've had a bowl of porridge. I've found that starting my day right has lead to less snacking throughout the day and therefore overall good results in my body transformation.

On some occasions I have had the shake when I have been after a sugary snack, and this has been a much healthier option! I'm still far from my final goal, but I think that we live in a society now where we will never be totally happy with the way we look (unless we are J-Lo...) but I am happy with my progress so far and really put it down to this shake. 
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