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Friday, 14 October 2016

Cute Nutrition Shake & CLA Review

Cute Nutrition is exploding on Social Media right now as probably the first health/supplement online store aimed at young girls. I heard about them through Sarah Ashcrofts blog, and since she has the most insane body I thought it was worth checking out this brand! I was um-ing and ah-ing for a good month or so deciding whether to order anything, but when a 20% off offer was floating around the website, and my current shake running very low, I couldn't resist.

I eventually took the plunge and ordered the Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake, which I regretted at first. I don't want to be a negative nancy but it really didn't taste fabulous the first time I had it. I mixed mine with Almond Milk, as I hate cows milk, but the taste just wasn't right with Almond Milk. With Oat Milk it was much nicer however! On the website it does say you can mix it with Water too. My friends have tried the Vanilla flavour and swear by it, so perhaps I made the wrong choice. I'll definitely be ordering the Vanilla flavour on PayDay to try it out! The shake itself is only 130 calories, and has 10.5g of protein per serving, which is a lot less than I was used to as my PHD Nutrition one had around 20g per serving. I don't find it keeps me as full as my PHD shake did, but it keeps me going till lunchtime at least. Sidenote, as far as I am aware these aren't vegan friendly.

Along with the Meal Replacement Shake I ordered some of the CLA capsules, which I was a bit sceptical of as I just don't understand how a tablet can boost your metabolism and lower your body fat. After taking these for a month I have actually noticed reduced bloating. I wouldn't say I have lost weight (although the scales say I have lost 4lbs??) or lost body fat, but it has done something to my stomach. I hadn't changed my diet at all except for incorporating in these capsules along with swapping out my PHD Nutrition Meal Replacement Shake for the Cute Nutrition one. If you do suffer from a lot of bloating like myself, I would recommend trying these capsules, as for only £9.95 they aren't too much of a loss!

Have you tried Cute Nutrition? What are your thoughts on the products?

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