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Friday, 2 December 2016

Let's Talk About: Expectations of Men & Women

I've been meaning to write this blog post for a while know, because I keep finding myself in situations where people are making extremely sexist comments, or talking about expectations of women, and it's quite frankly winding me up. Why are the expectations of women so different to the expectations of men, and why are things so much more acceptable for men to do than they are for women?  

Perhaps the most common is when women are referred to as "sluts" for sleeping with a couple different people. This is one that really gets on my tits. If a boy sleeps with a couple of different girls, why is he praised and called a "lad", but a girl gets labelled with rude, and demeaning words and gets frowned upon? Why are we living in a society where this is a thing? The most frustrating thing is that the people that make these comments are generally of the younger generation, so I don't see much hope in this phase dying out or changing. 
I saw this meme the other day too, can someone explain to me how a girl going out every weekend makes her a "hoe", and therefore unlikely to "get anywhere"? What rubbish. A man can go out whenever he wants and won't get called names.

If a young girl posts a picture of herself in a bikini, others will comment referring to her as a "slag" or "attention seeking", but if a guy posts a picture of himself in swimwear on a beach it's fine. Why can a woman not be proud of her body and just post a picture like that? If someone is confident enough to do it then let them do it, it baffles me how this makes someone a "slag", it just makes them confident and happy in themselves. 

On the route of sexualising women, another thing that I find completely unacceptable and sexist is the articles written in the media about women, compared to those written about men. In particular sports stars and celebrities. Almost every article you see about a female  sports star is a comment about their body, rather than their achievements, and if the article is by chance written about their sporting achievements, the headline has something like "Bombshell ______ gets gold medal". The sexualistion of women is something that, unless relevant to the article, is completely unnecessary. Also, a bit off topic but why is wolf-whistling out of vans still a thing, like really boys, when has this ever worked for you?! I for one find it extremely disrespectful. 

I understand it's not only women who face these unfair expectations, but also men too. Why do men have to always be macho and never cry? Why are they expected to bring the money into a relationship or a family? Surely this should be equal, and so what if a wife makes more money than her husband, that should be a reason to celebrate the wife not make the husband feel awful for not making as much money.

On the topic of relationships, I saw on twitter this picture of a stunning girl wearing a top where her boobs were poppin'. The caption was "fellas would you let your girl go out like this?", NOT OK. No one has the right to make these comments, and what annoys me most is that no one would ever comment this on a photo of a boy wearing short shorts or a slightly see through white t-shirt?! Imagine if women started commenting on mens photos where you could see their nips through their tops, "girls, would you let your men out like this?" - it would be laughed at! Oh it does my nut in. Wear what you want. If you feel good with a bit of boobage out then do it, and if you feel good wearing hot pants then go for it!

Please tell me I'm not the only person who gets extremely wound up by these sorts of things?

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