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Friday, 28 April 2017

The Fashion Anti-Haul

I've been watching loads of Anti-Haul videos on Youtube and I'm really enjoying watching them, so I thought I'd write a Fashion Anti-Haul post and share with you guys some trends I will not be buying into.

Sorry but what are these jeans, and who on this earth designed them?! I genuinely cannot think of a single person who I wouldn't question for wearing these, and they're definitely not anything I will be purchasing. What happens when you get you get condensation on the inside of the trousers or...?

I just don't understand this trend. I think some people pull it off beautifully, but I know that my body shape would look awful in this due to all the extra material in these shirts. I'd rather just wear a normal shirt...

I am a huge fan of chokers, but more glitzy ones rather than...these. They really just look like they are made for something else and I just don't see why you would want that around your neck, no offence. I'm sure some people pull them off amazingly, but they are not for me.

Yet another trend I am deeply confused by, and will not be buying into, is this whole "I stole my grandads glasses" look. I just don't think they look cute, don't hate me!

What trends are you guys questioning at the moment?

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