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Monday, 21 August 2017

Controlling Portions with DietPlate*

The Diet Plate is a system which aims to allow individuals to discover portion control, and therefore reach their goals.  As I've mentioned many times before, I am not a fan of the word 'diet' as it always implies crash diets and unsustainable body changes. However, The Diet Plate is a completely different system, whereby an online profile and a portion control plate are used together to aid you in your weight gain/loss/maintenance. 

As someone who has always used MyFitnessPal on and off, I was keen to try The Diet Plate Online, which allows tracking of food and exercise. I will not lie, I did not find it as easy to use as My Fitness Pal, only because it wasn't an app, and I couldn't scan the barcodes of some of the things I ate, so had to pick the nearest alternative. To set up your online profile you have to answer a few set-up questions, which then provides you with a caloric weight loss zone. Your goal is to stick to your zone everyday, and once you have eaten enough calories (and tracked them) to enter your caloric weight loss zone, it will turn green. The object is to keep in the green zone each day. There are two wheels which also provide you with your RDA/Dietary Balance, featuring 'Carbs', 'Protein', 'Salt', 'Sugar', 'Fats', 'Saturated Fats' and 'Fibre'. This allows you to see what you're perhaps eating too much of, and readjust your diet accordingly.

The plate that The Diet Plate is obviously known for, is a visual calorie counting system, whereby you simply serve your meal in the designated areas of the plate to automatically get appropriate portion sizes, without having to weigh out your food. This was the part that was most appealing to me about this system, as weighing out food to accurately count calories is so time consuming and hardly the most exciting task - personally I'd rather just eat my food as quickly as possible. Below is an example of how the plate works, please note this is not one of my own meals.

I'll update you in the near future as to how I get on with the plate system. Since, at the moment, I am not looking to lose weight, but rather build muscle, it is probably not the best time for me to be using the system, but after Christmas I can definitely see myself coming back to it to blast all the Christmas weight. I'd definitely recommend this system for those of you, not only who are looking to lose weight, but just perhaps for those of you, like me, who cannot seem to control your portions.

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