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Friday 3 October 2014

My University Experience: Moving Out & Moving In

I know most of my readers may have already experienced moving out for the first time and setting off to University, and for some of you this may be a distant thought. However, I was super curious about the whole process myself, and just other peoples experiences of moving out for University, so I thought I would document my experience for any of you nosey people.

Now, as a girl, I do always have those "I have nothing to wear/I have no clothes" moments, however packing all my clothes up has made me realise just how many clothes I actually do have. 5 Vacuum bags later, and there was still a ton of stuff that needed to be packed in the clothing department. It was super awkward because obviously I won't be coming home till December, so the clothes I packed had to suit from September till December, and the weather changes quite a lot between now and then, hence why so many clothes had to be brought along. Unpacking them all was a bit of pain considering I had to fold and hang nearly my entire wardrobe, although luckily my parents stuck around to help me. As soon as I had unpacked I pretty much made my parents leave and I went and sat with my flatmates and got to know them.

Flat picture ;)

I think my biggest piece of advice is to put yourself out there, don't hide away in your room (mines looking messy might I add). The idea of getting to know all these new people is super daunting I'm not going to lie, but just put the nervousness to one side. I've been in my flat for not even a week now, and I feel completely comfortable around all my flatmates and I've even made friends with people on the floors below us. Also another piece of advice I have is to go to as many events as you can! I bought a Freshers pass which got me into all the events for two weeks and it has been worth it so far. Going out is the best way to meet new people and socialise outside of your flat. Also be sure to join relevant facebook groups before you head off, you'll be surprised how many friends you will make!

The highlight so far? Hodor from Game of Thrones DJ'ing. Damn he was good, and surprisingly I do remember all of it! Last thing I wanted to say was don't worry about leaving everyone behind. You will be so busy with other things that you just won't have time to think about anyone back home. The only time I even got a tiniest bit upset was when I thought about Rex (the puppy). Moving out and being independent is something I have wanted to do for years, not for any negative reasons but just because the idea excited me so much. I won't lie to you all though, doing your own weekly shop is stressful!

P.S Sorry if my posts aren't sticking to my normal schedule at the moment, but obviously with freshers fortnight and my classes starting on Monday I have a lot of things to concentrate on.
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