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Monday 27 March 2017

Purple and Grey Eye with CrazyLenses

I'm back! Apologies for my absence, I was overwhelmed with Uni work and unfortunately that had to take priority over my blog. But today, I'm back with a collaboration with CrazyLenses, who kindly sent me three pairs of lenses. I created a dark purple smokey look using the Violet & Grey Fusion pair, which are absolutely gorgeous, and my Naked Smokey Palette.

As soon as I looked at these lenses when they arrived I knew exactly the look I wanted to create around them, and this palette was the one. 

I used a mixture of Whiskey and Combust as my transition shade which I blended quite far up my past my crease. I wanted to create a silvery-grey colour on the inner half of my eye, so used Slanted on the inner half of my eye, and Smoulder on the outer half to create the deep purple outer V. After a hell of a lot of blending, as always with dark colours, I applied some of Smoulder along my lower lash line and blew this out a little. The final touch was the inner-corner highlight, and for this I used theBalm MaryLou Manizer, one of my new faves!  

As far as the lenses go, I was absolutely blown away with the colour of them, they were so unique yet didn't look stupidly fake when I was wearing them. As I am not a contact lens wearer, it did take a good half an hour for me to get them in since I hate putting things so close to my eyes, but once they were in they didn't move around too much, and weren't too irritating.

This pair in particular can be worn multiple times within 90 days if stored correctly, which is pretty decent considering they're only £18.99 a pair. I have a hazel pair and an aqua pair which I'm planning looks for as we speak! 

Let me know if you wear coloured contacts.  

Monday 13 March 2017

My Hangover Routine

I'm writing this post hungover AF, after a fabulous night out at Uni. I thought I'd just document my day and let you guys know what I get up to when I'm hanging to the max...

Naturally, I had a LUSH bath as they always make me feel so much better. I've never actually tried one of these Melting Marshmallow Moment before, but it left my skin so soft and moisturised, so I'd really recommend this if you are like me and can never be bothered to moisturise your body.
I always use a face mask too when I am in the bath, I just feel like it always improves my skin, and I'm not the best at looking after it so I'm trying to improve my skincare routine. These L'oreal Clay masks are amazing, I love the Glow one as it gently exfoliates and when I use it twice a week I really notice a difference in how even my skin tone is. Plus, they're super affordable which is a yes from me. (Let's all appreciate my braveness to upload a photo of me with this mask on....)
Since I exfoliated my face with this mask, I thought I'd give my body a little treat too, so I used my Body Shop Frosted Plum sugar scrub which smells incredible!

After getting out the bath, when I am hungover, I actually try to put in the effort to moisturise my whole body, and I'm currently loving the Body Shop Peach Body Butter. They take a while to rub into the skin but you smell delish after and you're super soft.

As I mentioned, I am really trying to take care of my skin, so I've been trying out this The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid, a serum which hydrates the skin. I've actually noticed such a difference in my skin since using it, and it was an absolute steal. I apply my Simple face moisturiser afterwards, and my Origins Ginsing Eye Cream, and my skin is left super soft and bright.

After I'm all beautified, I generally lie on my bed for the next 5 hours catching up on Youtube videos and watching Netflix with a Dominoes. My current favourite Youtubers are HelloOctober, Hannah Renee and Zanna Van Dijk. As for Netflix, I'm binging on Jane The Virgin, which I am in LOVE with, but I also just watched The Vampire Diaries season finale and I cried so much, lord help me. 

Let me know what you guys do when you're hanging!

Friday 10 March 2017

My First Designer Bag Purchase...

Kids, I'm moving up in the world! As of my 21st Birthday I am now a proud owner of my first (semi) designer bag. My Mum & Dad bought me this Michael Kors Mini Selma Cross Body Bag in the black finish with the gold hardware, and I think I am in love. 

It is a little smaller than I'd expected, but I actually prefer that as it means I'm not carrying around more than I should be (I'm basically Mary Poppins, I kid you not). It does however comfortably fit my purse, phone, and the usual 'zip-pocket' essentials if you get what I'm saying.

One thing I will say is that it marks very easily, which is obviously not great, but since it's a textured material any marks don't show up too badly. I'm definitely going to end up obsessed with high-end bags, I honestly feel so classy when I go out with this lil guy. If you have any designer bags you're lusting after let me know in the comments so I can have a gander!

Monday 6 March 2017

20 Things To Do Before I'm 25

I personally think it is extremely important to set yourself goals in life, and create a list of things you want to do or achieve. It helps keep me motivated, and makes me realise what I am working for. For example, if I am having a shit day at work, I can look at this list and think to myself that the shit day I am having at work will be paying for one of these things I'd love to do. Mini-ramble over, here's a list of 20 things I'd like to do before I am 25.

1) Visit The Maldives

2) Visit Australia

3) Visit Miami

4) Visit New York

5) Start A Youtube Channel

6) Get A Job I LOVE

7) Go To The Lush Spa

8) Turn My Blog Into Something I LOVE

9) Have Afternoon Tea at Sketch

10) Start and Perfect Calligraphy

11) Have My Own Place & Decorate It How I Want

12) Buy a Chanel Handbag

13) Be Confident in Doing Other People's Makeup

14) Take A Photography Course to Improve

15) Go To BallieBallerson in London

16) NAIL a Skincare Routine

17) Go on a Cookery course

18) Have Grown a Booty

19) Own a Dog

20) Be Completely Happy In Myself

Hopefully I can tick all of these off in the next 4 years!

Friday 3 March 2017

A Tour Around My INGLOT Quad + Swatches

What a surprise, I'm back again with another Eyeshadow palette related post...sorry not sorry. But this time I am doing a long awaited tour around my INGLOT quad which I completed at the end of last month. If you're not a fan of warm, berry, golden, orangey tones then click away now!

Is this not autumnal heaven? Yes, I know it's Spring but Autumn colours are me, I am Autumn. The first three shades I actually picked up at the same time, and I couldn't decide on a final shade so I figured I'd save the £5 and have a think about it. I didn't realise that I wouldn't actually get the last pan filled for a good year, which was a bit annoying every time I went to reach for my quad to find only three shades.

Nonetheless, the three original shades I picked up were; 
 404 a yellow gold with intense shimmer, 605 a shimmery copper shade with very orange tones and 55 a brick red which is mainly matte. The final colour I bought to complete my collection was 607, a shimmery cranberry tone with hints of orange, which is quite possibly my new favourite. I do slightly regret not picking a matte dark brown however, as it would've made the quad a little more versatile.

Bottom to Top: 404, 605, 55 and 607
The formula of the shimmers is extremely soft and buttery, making them so blendable and easy to work with. Unlike the mattes, it really doesn't take much to get an amazing colour payoff on the eyelids with the three shimmer shades. 55 is definitely a little harder to work with, the colour is still amazing, but if you want it to be pretty opaque it takes a little bit of building up, but it blends out equally as easily as the shimmers.

If you've never made your own INGLOT palette before I highly recommend it! It can be a little pricey depending on what size you go for, but each shadow costs only £5 which is amazing compared to other brands like MAC, and honestly I think these shadows are much better.

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