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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Nail Art: Easter Chick

To create this simple but cute design you will need:

A black polish, a yellow polish, a white polish, a orange polish and a turquoise - obviously you don't have to use the same brands as I did. From L-R we have Revelon - Black Lingerie, NYC Lexington Yellow, Barry M Matt White, Barry M Gelly Satsuma, Barry M Gelly Greenberry.

A dotting tool and a fine art brush will also be needed, although household alternatives can be used, such as a cocktail stick!

1) The first thing I did was applied a thin base coat. This just stops any staining, and since we are using a bright yellow polish, we definitely do not want staining.

2) I then took the Barry M Matt White and did one coat of this. As you can tell it is a bit streaky, so I wouldn't recommend using this white - preferably something a bit thicker. 

3) Now it is time to create the egg shell and the chicks body. I did this by drawing a jagged effect with the yellow nail polish (NYC Lexington yellow) - it doesn't have to be neat! An egg doesn't crack in perfect lines after all.

4) This is where the dotting tool comes in. Dip the dotting tool slowly into the black nail polish (Revlon Black Lingerie) and dot it lightly onto the nail to create two eyes.

5) Creating the beak was probably the hardest part, but I did this using Barry M Gelly Satsuma and a thin artist brush. This allowed me to make a small beak. As you can tell they aren't perfect triangles, but they do the job. 

 I also got this annoying air bubble on my pointy finger. Not impressed.

6) The final step is to take the thin brush again, and using the turquoise colour outline the egg shell. This just makes it easier to distinguish between the shell and the chick, although after doing this step I sort of preferred it without the line. It would look gorgeous with a gold glitter!

 It really didn't take me that long, and I will admit some nails looked better than others, but if you are patient these can look really great. 

 If you have a go at these then send me a link to your nails @daenabe on twitter. Please note I am not a nail artist and therefore everything looks a lot more human and there are some errors and bits that need cleaning up!
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Friday, 11 April 2014

REVIEW: Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

If you watched my March Favourites you will know I fell head over heels in love with this eyeliner brush. I find using Gel Eyeliner is the hardest way to achieve the perfect winged look, and finding the right brush for the job is just impossible. I have tried everything from a square shaped brush to an angled brush to a bent eyeliner brush - none of them worked for me. 

I hadn't actually heard too much about this brush but I was browsing through LookFantastic and saw this sillicone brush. Since it was Real Techniques I gathered it must be good and ordered it. WOW. It is one of the easiest brushes to use. As it isn't made from hairs it doesn't have those annoying fly away strands that you get, and therefore creates a very smooth line.  The tip is also super flexible!

I still think I prefer using a liquid liner, but when I do want to use Gel Liner, this is the brush. 
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Barry M Gelly Pretty Pastels

Hallelujah! Bary M have finally released more Gelly polishes, which means that my collection has grown. I now only have 2 more to collect after picking these beautiful pastel colours.

How gorgeous are they?! They are called Huckleberry, Sugar Apple and Rose Hip. My favourite two are Sugar Apple and Rose Hip because they're just such wearable colours and are super cute. Rose Hip comes out as a slightly off white with a very pale pink tone running through it. I have a very similar MUA polish, but the Gelly formula is just my favourite so I had to buy it anyway.

The above picture shows what Rose Hip looks like on. The super pale pastel colour is probably not to everyone's taste, but I am really fond of it. Due to my skin tone I can't wear plain white nails as it just looks ridiculously like Tippex, but these pale colours allow me to still rock the nearly white look.

This is Sugar Apple. Please excuse my messy painting I only had 5 minutes to put the two coats on! I have not yet swatched or tried Huckleberry but I have no doubts it will be just as lovely as these two.

They retail for £3.99 but I believe they are on 2 for £6 in Superdrug at the moment - or at least they were when I bought them last week!

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