Monday, 5 November 2018

Muse of London: Chocolate Crusade Treatment*

If you'd have told me in 2013 that a hairdressers would be asking me if I could visit their salon and review their new hair treatments in exchange for a blog post, I'd have probably laughed in your face. However, a few weeks ago, the lovely guys at Muse of London held a celebration for their 5th Birthday, and also to showcase their new colour range called Chocolate Crusade. It was a fabulous evening with a chocolate fountain that I spent the entire night stood next to, chocolate themed cocktails - which were insane, and I left desperate to give my hair a little oomph. The next day, the lovely guys got in touch with me again to ask if I would like to try out one of the new colours, and obviously I said yes.

The whole menu of colours are all named after something chocolate related, from Strawberry Ganache to Cinnamon Salted Caramel, which is such a great selling point for anyone as addicted to chocolate as I am. As my hair is pretty dark anyway, I opted to go for the Dark Chocolate, which is described as an Espresso colour with a high gloss finish - this sounded ideal for me as my hair was still clinging on to my 2014 redness in the ends, I regret wanting to look like bad gal Riri!

The overall treatment time took around an hour and a half, but this includes the 20-30 minutes developing time of the colour, and trust me, it was totally worth it. As I feel that my life is constantly on the go, it was great to actually have the hour and a half to myself, and spent the time catching up on Killing Eve (still disappointed at the ending of that show, not going to lie). During the rinse off of the colour, I had the most insane head massage that I will never forget - it's just the best part of going to the hairdressers, am I right or am I right?!

When my hair had been blow dried (also the best blow dry I have ever had - didn't even feel that it needed straightening after) I was in total shock at how fresh and glossy my hair looked. As someone who has never had a gloss on their hair before, I had no idea what to expect, but I was truly amazed at the result. I did worry a little that it would make my hair look super greasy, but it really didn't. Even if you don't live in London, I would recommend getting a gloss on your hair at your local hairdressers - totally worth it, I've been swishing my hair in everyone's faces since I've had it done. I'm gutted I didn't get a good photo of my hair on the day, as these photos were taken a few weeks after the treatment you can see the gloss has definitely worn away a little.

Muse have definitely restored my faith in hairdressers, and I just know that it will become my new go-to salon as it's so reasonably priced for London, and close enough for me to get to after work. Located on Mortimer Street, Muse of London is perfectly central for those of you who work in London, being only a 10 minute walk from Oxford Circus. They always have great offers on for other treatments, and also offer a variety of beauty treatments too. I'd love to hear if you've ever been to Muse, or if you are tempted by any of the colours on the Chocolate Crusade menu!


Sunday, 5 August 2018

It's time to take care of my skin...for real

If I scrolled through my blog, holding a shot glass and a bottle of Vodka, and took a shot every time I mentioned in a blog post that I was going to start really looking after my skin, I'd be drunk....very drunk. But this time, I really mean it, mainly because I have found some products that I just bloody love using. 

When I was on my Thomas Cook flight at the start of the month, I was browsing through the on-board duty free magazine, as you do, and spotted a Clinique Moisture Surge kit for something super cheap like £36. I'd decided before the plane had even left the runway that I was going to be making a purchase, along with the Emma Hardy Cleansing Balm which they had on offer too. My decision was set in stone when the flight attendant announced that everything in the in-flight magazine was an extra 20% off too! I therefore paid just under £30 for this set, which includes the Moisture Surge Cream, the Moisture Surge Hydrating Mist, and the All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage (which was amazing post-flight!)

I have to say, the cream feels super luxurious to use. I would describe it as more like a gel, and my skin feels insanely plump after using this, and I can honestly say when I put this on in the evenings, I wake up in the morning with naturally dewy skin, and you can just tell it is super hydrated. It's not an 'oily-dew' (if that even makes sense), but just a gorgeous radiance. I'm praying that this cream lasts me ages, as the full size is over £30 on its own *cries*. 

In this hot weather, the moisturising mist has been an absolute life saver. When I'm feeling a little hot and sticky, I've been spraying this on my face and it's an absolute dream - definitely not what it is intended for though. During the day, if your skin is feeling a little tight and dry, the spray is meant to help hydrate the skin, making it perfect for commuters and people on the go (I don't know about anyone else, but commuting has really taken its toll on my skin!).

I do have to say though, my absolute favourite thing in the box was the All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage. It comes in one of those pen-like tubes with a metal ball at the end to help with the de-puffing of eyes. I suffer with ridiculous dark circles, its a hereditary thing so nothing really helps, but I find that when I am tired they are obviously made ten times worse. Using anything cooling under the eyes, I find, really helps, and using this in the morning has been helping me to wake up before my travel into work.

Have you guys tried any of the Moisture Surge range? There was such a huge hype about it a few months ago, with loads of huge bloggers going on a trip with Clinique for the range, and I guess I was sucked in by the good price and vlogs! 

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Sunday, 29 July 2018

The pink dress of dreams and my fear of wearing dresses

Despite the fact I am typing this whilst sat in the car watching the rain pour onto the windscreen, the weather recently has been ridiculously hot. Me being a massive winter baby, I had no summer clothes (appropriate for the UK), so took it upon myself to do a cheeky ASOS haul of some pretty pieces to keep me cool in the heat, and this dress was one of them.

I won't lie, I find the concept of wearing dresses in the heat, especially in London, a little daunting. Why? I hear you ask. Well - chub-rub is the reason. A few weeks ago my Mum was telling me about a conversation she had had with one of her friends about chaffing, and how she never even knew this was a thing - I was shocked that she'd never even heard anyone talking about it before. Pretty much everyone I know is affected by chaffing, even some of my more petite friends. Although of course if you have chunkier thighs, like myself, we do tend to get it a little worse. I think all of us who suffer with chub-rub in Summer can confirm it is the most uncomfortable and painful feeling, and you just want to waddle instead of walk. Thankfully, it seems like chaffing is now being recognised by a lot of high-street retailers and online stores, such as Pretty Little Thing, who have now bought out bands to put on your thighs when you are wearing dresses, and you won't be bothered by chaffing anymore. 

Back to this dress anyway, after that little detour! It's a super light linen-y material, which means it creases so bad - as you can see from the photos, but me having to get out an iron to wear this dress is so worth it. With it being so light, it is a tiny bit sheer, so I would recommend nude underwear with this one. 

I'm such a fan of anything off-shoulder, I find it is super flattering on me, and my neck/chest area is one of my favourite parts of myself, is that weird?  I hope that this style sticks around for a lot longer! With it being a more skater-style dress also, it is perfect for those Summer dinners out, or cocktails with the girls, when you are definitely going to be needing something to hide the bloat.

I would recommend perhaps sizing up in this dress if you have slightly larger boobs, or don't want it to cling to you too much, as there really is no stretch in the material at all. 

Please tell me I am not the only one with this ridiculous fear of wearing dresses in Summer, and let me know your top anti-chaffing tips in the comments, help a girl out!

Dress: ASOS


Monday, 23 July 2018

They call it mellow yellow

...or not so mellow in the case of these trousers. (I couldn’t not title this post this way, despite the odd reasons behind the song...). Is anyone else feeling the yellow vibes recently? Since I bought my Mustard dress from Miss Selfridge (I'm talking about this one), I've been on the hunt for anything and everything yellow. I feel like it really flatters darker skin tones, and is a colour that most people would probably shy away from since it can be quite garish and loud. Well, not me, throw all the yellow my way please!

These trousers were especially bought for my holiday, and I was planning to shoot them on the beach in Majorca, but 1) they arrived and are actually quite thick, so the thought of walking 15 minutes to the beach in 30 degrees was not for me, and 2) I have the most uncooperative Insta boyfriend, who quite frankly just wanted to lay about doing nothing when I wanted my pictures taken. It worked in my favour though, as Covent Garden was a much more colourful location, although not half as picturesque I have to admit.

The top I paired these with is actually a little one shoulder number, a style which I am loving at the moment. In terms of shoes, when I was on holiday I paired this outfit with my espadrille wedges, but traipsing around London in those didn't seem a good idea, nor a very comfortable one, so I opted for my trusty Vans, which definitely turned this into a more edgy outfit. 

I don't know about you, but this summer has given me this huge urge to change things up, branch out in terms of my style, and do new things. You would not have seen me dead in yellow a few years ago, yet here I am typing this post with bright yellow Gel on my nails and toes. It seems super silly that wearing one new colour can feel like such a change, but honestly, if I hadn't picked up that yellow dress a few months ago, I'd still be wearing black almost everyday of my life. 

If anyone has seen any gorgeous yellow clothes anywhere please hit me up, and also, let me know what your colour of the summer has been!

Trousers: Missy Empire
Shoes: ASOS*

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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Why we all need to take a break once in a while ...

In this day and age, we all spend way too much time studying, working long hours, and generally not looking after our overall well-being. The minimum annual leave allowance in the UK is 28 days, which when you consider this year there is 253 working days, it is really not a lot of time off. Last week I spent the whole week sunning myself, reading books that I don’t have time to read usually, and laying on my back in the sea staring up at the sky. It made such a change to my usual commute, and my staring at a screen 8 hours a day. I left feeling so relaxed (and with a large feeling of upset that I do not live in Majorca) and rejuvenated, having not even thought once about the emails that would be flooding my inbox at work.

I know so many people who save all their annual leave up throughout the year to carry through to the next year, and guys, it’s just not the best thing to do. What good is it going into a new year with 50 odd days holiday, but being so mentally exhausted and with stress levels through the roof?! Regular breaks, whether that be vacations, staycations, or a week of activities, is the best way to detox from work.

Taking a break every once in a while will also give you the opportunity to come back to work with an open mind, and new ideas flowing. The past week I also took a break from blogging, and can see the benefit for full time bloggers to also take a break. I’ve come away with post ideas, photograph ideas I want to shoot, and a huge determination to post more regularly on my Instagram. The same applies to your average jobs too, you’ll turn up back at your desk with fresh ideas and ways to make your job that little bit easier.

Even if you wake up everyday looking forward to going to work, you still need to take a break for both your physical and mental health. The most enjoyable jobs still cause stress, and it is hugely important to take a break and remove yourself from stressful situations. Yes, not everyone can afford to go abroad, but there are so many beautiful places in the UK also that you can go to get away and relax, have a digital detox. Think Cornwall, the Lake District, even Brighton is one of my favourites for a short break away. In fact, sometimes you don't even need to be in a new environment to take some time away to yourself. Being in the comfort of your own home, spending time with loved ones, and chilling in your garden can be great for de-stressing and giving your mind a break. 

After my little break away, I feel comforted and content knowing that I have released so much of the stress that had built up within me over the past few months, since my last break away prior to this was December. Working solidly for just over 6 months without much time to myself had definitely taken its toll on my mind and happiness, but I am feeling so much more refreshed and happy within myself.

Seeing the benefits that taking a substantial break has made me super keen to plan some more trips over the rest of the year. I only have 12 days left of holiday to book, but I can assure you that they will be used to do exciting things, and things that will benefit my mental health. I'm thinking Rome, and possibly Disneyland, which I think I have stated very openly on my blog that I want to go to visit for the past three years - whoops!

 Have you got any breaks away planned this year, I’d love inspiration for my next trip!

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