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Saturday 20 January 2018

Advice we all need to take on board for 2018...

We all have the power to make ourselves, and the people around us, a little happier. This year, I urge you all to take this advice, so we can help one another have the best and the happiest year yet! (featuring rainy pictures of moi)

Support Your Friends
Sometimes we all forget to support those around us. I can sometimes forget to like my friends instagrams, or comment on their latest blog posts, or congratulate them when they achieve something at work. We should all help to raise each other, and praise one another for our achievements. Knowing that people appreciate what you do and take an interest in it, is such a nice feeling.

Look After YOU
Putting yourself first is something that as we all get older seems to become harder and harder, with partners, families, and children to think about. We all need to take more time out for ourselves, to treat ourselves, have a cheeky pamper, and de-stress. Looking after yourself will only have positive repercussions, so take this year to start.

Don't Regret Your Decisions
It can be so easy to look back at all your past mistakes and choices and question 'what if...?', but in 2018, I urge you all to not regret your past choices and decisions. Everything happens for a reason whether it's a break up, losing a friend, not getting that dream house or dream job, just remember it all happens for a reason. Learn from these 'mistakes' and decisions and try not to regret anything.

Think Before You Speak
This is another thing I am so guilty of, and with social media being ever present in all of our lives, it is so important to remember to think before you speak. There is never an excuse for writing offensive comments to people, or equally saying them to someone face to face, but what I am trying to say is sometimes we all speak too quickly and don't think about what someone is going through. My biggest pet peeve is when strangers say "smile" to you in that horrible sarcastic tone. It's like...if I want to have a face like a slapped arse, then let me. You never know what's going on in someone else's life, behind closed doors, so just think before you say things to others.

Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Similar - Topshop
Jumper - Missguided
Boots - ASOS
Wishbone Necklace - jewellerybox
Round Pendant Necklace - jewellerybox

Although this was probably a very boring post and not the usual fashion/beauty post you were hoping for, I think it is so important that we all take on this advice this year...

Monday 15 January 2018

Things you probably don't realise can affect your body transformation

People get so caught up in going to the gym and eating well, and I am most definitely one of those people. What we don't think about though is that there are other, non-physical things, which can affect your figure and your body transformation journey.

For one, stress plays such a huge role in body transformations. It is something that is so hard to avoid, with stress being fired at all of us from our jobs, travelling, family, and many other things. I don't know the ins and outs of the science behind this but stress can cause weight loss as well as weight gain, which can be hugely unhelpful to those of us trying to change our bodies and the way we look. Personally, when I feel stressed, I make a point of taking time out to calm and relax, whether this is listening to some Taylor Swift, having a bath in the dark, or sticking on a face mask at the end of the day. So, basically, stress is an evil demon that we all need to try harder to avoid!

Sleep also makes such a huge difference when it comes to body transformations. I noticed such a huge change in my body whilst I was a student, and I know that the fact I slept for approximately 10 hours a day was such a huge factor in that. Now, as a working woman (bleugh), I get approximately 7 hours sleep a night, and this has meant I have not noticed any changes in myself over the past few months. I know that it is not the only reason I haven't seen changes, but it has made an impact.

So I guess the whole point of this is just to let you know, that you can eat all the greens in the world, do an hour run everyday, and there will still be other things that can hinder you in reaching your goals. Basically, just look after yourself.

Monday 1 January 2018

My 2017 Favourites and Highlights

2017 has been, by far, one of my favourite years yet. I feel like I have accomplished so much, and generally learnt to be more confident in myself. Hopefully 2018 will only be better, but for now, here are my favourites from the past year...

As if this wouldn't have made the cut. I have been using this for the past two years (minus a couple months this year where I was majorly budgeting) and have noticed such a difference in my skins texture, as well as its radiance. I use it just in the evening, but it is recommended that you use it both morning and evening. 

If you have instagram and still have no idea what these are, then I really don't know how you managed to miss every Love Island star and beauty blogger raving on about these. They add the most gorgeous glow to your skin, I pop them onto the high points of my face, and even sometimes all over before my foundation. If you're all about that glow then you need to get your hands on these!

This palette is super old now, and I really don't ever hear anyone talking about it anymore, but it is still one of my all time favourites. Every single colour gets used, and in particular, the burnt orangey brown shade, which I love popping as my transition shade, or even sometimes all over the lid. Zoeva shadows are some of the best I have ever used, especially for pigmentation.

How could I mention my favourites of the year without throwing in Gymshark?! Is throwing a whole brand into a favourites cheating...? They are just one of those sportswear brands that makes insane clothing that genuinely looks amazing on everyone, gives you the support you need in the gym, as well as being super practical. Yes, it's not the cheapest brand, but it is so worth the money. I haven't been disappointed in a single thing that I have bought from Gymshark, except one pair of leggings which I recently got which didn't fit (but that is my fault entirely!). If you are going to pick anything up from them, please make it something from the Seamless collection.

- Boots 
In terms of fashion favourites, I have many, but in the interest of not boring you all, I will sum it up with one word, boots. Ask any of my friends, they will all tell you I have a thing for boots, I can't help it. I just think they are so versatile and go with everything, plus they are super comfortable, what is not to love?!

I thought I would throw in some highlights of the year along with my material favourites, because there have been so many amazing things this year that I wanted to reminisce on. 

- Graduating 
Graduating with a First was honestly one of the proudest moments of my life. I am not one for feeling proud of myself, but I genuinely thought I had achieved a 2:1, so being able to celebrate achieving higher was amazing. University was the best time of my life, and although leaving that era behind me was arguably one of the most emotional things I have had to do, I could not be more proud of the things I achieved in those three years. 

- Nice 
I don't mean nice as in nice/bad, I mean my holiday to Nice with my then housemates. The five of us decided we needed one last adventure together before we went our separate ways, and we decided Nice was the perfect place, with there being both a beach and cities to explore. We went to Cannes, Monaco, and stayed in a beautiful Air BnB, and managed to do the whole thing on a fairly decent budget. The weather was insane, the company was fab, and I would recommend Nice to anyone.

- Getting a Job 
Lastly, getting a job would have to be one of the highlights of the year. When I say getting a job after graduation is super hard, I mean it. I had lost almost all hope of getting a job, let alone one I would enjoy. But luckily, I managed to get one in late September, and I can say that it is a job I do enjoy. 

Here are some pictures from this year...



So that is a summary of my year, what I've loved, and what I have accomplished. I'd love to know what some of your favourites and highlights of the year were, let me know below!

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