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Saturday, 27 July 2013

July Ebay Wishlist!

Hi guys!
I was perusing around Ebay earlier and found these amazing clothing items that I'm just dying to buy! I'm really into the pastels at the moment I just think they can be so flattering and they really compliment my skin tone. 

1) The first item is a colour block chiffon blouse. At approximately £5.87 with free P&P this shirt is such an amazing deal. I have totally fallen in love with this shirt and its perfect for the summer when the weather decides to cool down a bit. Teamed with a pair of skinnies and wedges this shirt could also be dressed up for a night out!

2) The second item I found that I absolutely fell in love with was this maxi dress in this pastel green. It has a shirt like chiffon layer that goes over the dress and this is super flattering. This dress comes in 4 different colours, coral, nude, green and black. Postage and Packaging is £2.99 but the dress itself is only £4.99 which is cheaper than you'd even get in Primark! It does come from Hong Kong though so it probably will take a month or so to reach you if you order it. 

3) Lastly I found this super cute coral blazer for £14.99 + £2.99 p+p. I think I'm growing a slight obsession with coral this season, I've bought waaaay too many coral things. I only have one blazer in my wardrobe and that's a forest green one, which isn't the most summery of colours is it?! This is super cute for a summer evening, I need it ASAP! Bring on payday!

MUA Undressed Palette

 Yesterday I finally got my hands on the MUA Undressed palette which has been sold out for so long in all my local Superdrugs'. I was so excited to take it home and try them out because I haven't seen how they come out on my skin tone. 

The packaging of the palette is pretty much what you can expect from a cheap brand like MUA, it's not amazing but it does hold all the shadows nicely and I think it is quite a nice design. The hinges don't look like they'll hold for very long as they don't feel too sturdy but at £4 what more can you expect.

I love how there is a range of matte and sparkly colours as I find that sparkly colours look slightly OTT and really dress up an outfit, so if you're simply going out shopping, you're going to look a little silly - in my opinion. This palette therefore can be used during the day for a natural look and at night. It really reminds me of the Sleek palettes and its been said before that this is like a dupe of the Naked palette by Urban Decay - but a quarter of the price.
excuse the fact the palette is looking dirty, I did swatches with it before taking this picture.
 At this point I had really high hopes for this palette so I decided to swatch each colour on my arm. Some of them I was impressed with, others...not so much. I found that shade 3 did not even come out the palette, it was like there was a thin layer of plastic covering it but there wasn't , so I had to scratch into the surface to even get a small bit of colour onto my arm. All the other colours were absolutely stunning though! A couple were slightly too similar to my skin tone so I probably wont use them unless I just want to even out my eyelids, but the range of colours is just fantastic. I did find that the sparkly colours were far more pigmented than the matte ones, however this may just be due to my skin tone. I like how there are two smokey colours at the end of the palette which means you can create a perfect smokey eye for a night out if you have slightly darker skin where a brown smokey eye just wouldn't look as nice. 
The colours from left to right are Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 3 etc etc you get the picture haha!

The applicator that was included in the palette is a little flimsy but it does the job. I would recommend getting another applicator however, if you do not have one already. I find that the ELF ones are amazing and they're literally £1 or something ridiculously cheap like that. It is quite handy though how there is an applicator included, as this means you can use the palette on the go without having to carry an extra brush which will only get dirty in your bag! 

Overall I am very pleased with this palette because at £4 I really wasn't expecting much, and I usually find that with natural palettes the colours don't really suit my skin tone because they are too light and are more suited to fairer skin. However there was a huge range and some of the colours were very pigmented which again I wasn't expecting. I do recommend this palette because it's just such good value for money. If you have darker skin like me, then the sparkly colours will come out so much nicer than the matte ones because for some reason these aren't so pigmented but oh well! I'm still so glad I made this purchase. I give this palette a 9/10 purely because it's so cheap, the packaging is okay and the range of colours is amazing!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

ELF Haul!

So ELF had a special discount code available the other day which was 50% off when you spend £25, an amazing discount! I took this opportunity to buy all the stuff I'd been eyeing up on the website, and it all came to a crazy amount like £12! I paid £15.88 altogether and that was including postage. I was over the moon when it was delivered today. The picture above is of what I got - sorry the concealer/highlighter has repeated itself, silly me.
I will not review these products now because I obviously haven't used them all, however the Kabuki Face Brush was the most amazing thing when I opened it. It was so soft although I do have a slight hunch that the bristles are going to fall out but I really don't care because its so soft! 
I ordered the eyeliner brush because I have the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner and I find that the brush is just too small in terms of the length, and the handle is so small. This brush is so sharply cut and hopefully will be a lot better for the job!

This is an eyeshadow palette that I bought which I paid £2.50 for. I got it in the shade Happy Hour because it was the most natural of all the palettes that were available. I absolutely love these colours and I am such a huge fan of when companies emboss their makeup with where exactly it should be applied (especially with eyeshadow) because it just ensures that the look is perfect!

I've wanted a Revlon Chubby Stick for a while but I just can't seem to find the right colour. I bought this Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in the shade Pink Umbrellas just to see how the ELF one compared to the Revlon one. In all honesty it was just as good! This was only £2.75 I believe, totally worth it and they have 6 colours that this stick is available in - some more suited to pale skin.

The other lip product I bought was this Matte Lip Colour lipstick. I am very into the Matte Lipstick look at the moment because I've developed this dislike for shimmer in lipstick - I have no idea why. This thin lipstick is such a beautiful colour and so smooth to apply. I paid £3.75 for this one and its probably one of my favourite items from my ELF haul.
On the left is a Under Eye Concealer/highlighter duo. I don't like buying this sort of stuff online (well concealer) because sometimes even the darkest shades don't match my skin. I ordered this stick in the medium, and unfortunately it is slightly too light, but I could just about get away with it if I wear it with other makeup (the ELF colour range isn't amazing for concealer). On the other end is the highlighter. Now, I wasn't expecting this to be as glittery and hard to blend in as it was - I tried it on my brow bone and it took a good rub to get rid of the white coloring. Perhaps again it is just more suited to paler skin. This was £3.75.
On the right hand side is the ELF HD Blush in the colour Diva. This was a brave choice for colour because it is so bright, and you literally need 1/4 of a pump for both cheeks as the colour is so strong. For some reason my bottle went all funny and as soon as I opened it all the oil had separated from the colouring and was leaking out the top which was annoying. I did manage to clean it up but the packaging isn't great in this sense. However, at such a small price, £3.75 I cannot complain.

Lastly - I ordered these two nail polishes because I needed to add £2 more to my basket to allow the 50% discount code to work, and these were £1 each! I wouldn't normally buy a colour like the top one (1574) but I thought it was nothing like what I already have. The other one (1562) is a very neutral colour which I thought is good for when I am at work and sixth form. 

Overall I am very impressed with these ELF products, I mean, all of this for £15 including delivery is phenomenal  As far as I can see the quality is fairly good and I will be using these products very often!
Link to ELF UK

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul!

As payday was last week I decided to order a few bits and bobs from Fragrance Direct (amazing makeup for extremely reduced prices). I ordered 2 Maybelline Popsicle Lipsticks, a Calvin Klein Lipstick and an Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue Cheek Colour (i.e Blusher). This lot only came to something like £12 which is incredibly considering the Elizabeth Arden blusher alone is usually double this (at precisely £24).The Elizabeth Arden Blusher was only £4.50 and I got it in the shade "Berry Blush" because I own quite a few pinky blushers and I thought that a purpley shade was different, and something I certainly wouldn't normally pick up in Superdrug. I was a bit worried one I placed the order that maybe this was the wrong choice but now that it's come and I've tried it out, I'm so impressed and happy that I bought it! You really don't need a lot of it (else it looks like a bruise on your cheek), and the colour is so beautiful yet subtle. There is a slight shimmer to it but not too much - which is perfect for me! I'm so pleased I put this in the basket before I paid because it was 100% the right choice!

 I got the Maybelline Popsicle Lipsticks (RRP £7.49) in the colours Tropical Pink and Cherry Pop. Again I hadn't heard very good things about these lipsticks but at £1.99 I thought I might aswell give them a go. I chose the pink and the red because they were the most standard colours available and the ones that I would get the most wear out of. I swatched them on my hand when they arrived and I thought "what...they don't even have a colour" - but if you go over it a few times there is a subtle colour and it looks really natural and pretty. I find that these leave my lips feeling moisturized unlike most lipsticks! I do recommend these but I don't recommend paying the full £7.49 because although they are good, they aren't that good. 

Lastly, the Calvin Klein Delicious Truth Lipstick in the shade Contrast. I was a bit disappointed by this product if I'm completely honest because I find the twister to make the lipstick rise up is very weak, in other words it takes a lot of twisting before the lipstick is usable. I'm not sure if mine was just faulty but I found it didn't seem right. The colour on the other hand is lovely, maybe slightly too much shimmer but the colour itself is very nice and bright. I suppose that since I only paid £1.99 for it (RRP was £15) I cannot complain about there being too much shimmer.

Hopefully you can see the colours and the way these products came out on my skin from the swatches above. Personally I think my camera has dulled down the colour of all the swatches a tiny bit - but you can get the idea!

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Get Cara Delevingnes' Natural Look!

I have this new found love for Cara Delevingne and her eyebrows. To be totally honest she is who inspired me to sort my eyebrows out and make them more even and bold!
I created this little collage of all the things I think you need to create this natural look that Cara has in most of her Burberry photos. Obviously I am no makeup genius, however from what I know and have tried, I believe that you can create a similar (less expensive) image with these products.
One thing that seems to have fallen off my product list is the Sleek Eyebrow Kit which in all honesty is the thing that holds this look together. It contains a wax and a powder - and together they create perfect bold eyebrows. You do have to perfect the technique of applying the product because too much can ruin the effect you're going for.
I believe the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation would be a good alternative to the, probably, incredibly expensive one in which Cara has in this photo. It makes the skin look revived and bright, whilst leaving a natural look but also providing good coverage. I know this post isn't detailed because I didn't want it to turn into a tutorial, just a "here's the products you need" sort of thing.
I hope its been somewhat helpful!
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It's A Neon Summer!

I absolutely love how fluorescent colours have come back in recently! I created this little outfit which I think is just perfect for an evening out or evening a day out with shopping with friends.
I've had my eye on these Joni jeans from Topshop for so long but as a curvier girl with the least flat stomach ever, they really don't look that great on me - one day!
This satchel is my all time favourite item from June. Unfortunately I cannot afford a Cambridge Satchel as at £115 with only a weekend job, that's over half my monthly wages. I shall just have to continue to look at it and admire. 
These shoes are from Topshop - again so beautiful but I don't think I can pull them off as I'm fairly tall as it is and these would make me well over 6ft. I can imagine them being worn on an evening stroll along the seafront in Spain or something. I'm really getting into the summer mood!
On the top right is just a plain white spaghetti strap Cami which I am in love with! River Island have an amazing variety of these loose fitted Cami's for only £10 - I'm in desperate need of a bright coloured one so I may be taking a trip down to River Island. The white one in this picture isn't from River Island, I believe it was Forever 21 - but its very similar!
At the bottom I put a picture of an infinity bracelet that I bought of eBay back in February. My boyfriend and I both have one and they've joined our ever growing bracelet arm. I literally paid 99p for them and they're just so cute - and as they're in black they go with every outfit, so there's no need to take them off!

Lets hope we get the weather to wear all these summery clothes this year! 


Monday, 1 July 2013

Nails of The Week

Last week I was wearing Barry M Gelly - Grapefruit. I feel there is a grapefruit theme running on my blog, I promise it was unintentional! This colour is such a beautiful pinky-coral and I have this weird thing for coral at the moment so I had to put this on my nails for the sunny weather. I did two coats and then applied a top coat just to ensure it really didn't chip as I didn't have time to redo my nails last week. Luckily they didn't chip, I find the Gelly nail polishes last well. At £3.99 I can't really fault this nail polish, I'm a sucker for the Barry M makeup stand in Superdrug...sorry bank balance!

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