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Monday 27 June 2016

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I've had this bad boy sat in the back of my makeup drawers for a while now and over the past week or so I have been testing it out, and I can tell you all I am very pleasantly surprised. With all the hype around this mascara and the £19 price point, I did have very high hopes for this mascara and all expectations were met!

I use three coats of the mascara on both my top and bottom lashes as I like to have very voluminous lashes which are also long. This mascara does an amazing job at building up volume quickly and I cannot fault it, except for the name I just think its unnecessary (I'm not a prude I promise!). Also as the brush is quite fat it makes the application process far quicker, although does make it challenging to attack those bottom lashes neatly. As for the packaging it is quite weighty and really reflects the price point - packaging is one thing you just cannot fault Too Faced for! 

Generally I wear eyeliner on my top lashes as well to make my lash line appear thicker, but with this mascara I haven't felt the need to. Here is a before and after shot just so you can see how much of a difference this mascara makes to my lashes!

This is definitely my new favourite mascara, and although it isn't waterproof it still does a great job at holding a curl in my lashes. You can get hold of it at Debenhams here!

Have you guys got any mascara recommendations?

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Friday 24 June 2016

Dior Rose Gold Sunglasses Dupe

How beautiful are these Sunglasses ?! All the blogger gals are jumping on those Dior sunnies, but hey I'm a student and as much as I want them, they cost over a months rent, so I decided to go on a hunt for some dupes. I found these on eBay for £10.45 and although you can definitely tell they're a bit cheaper and aren't identical, they still claim to have UV Protection and still look beautiful. 

If anyone has any tips on how to keep these mirrored babies unscratched sand clean then please holla at me because they get so grubby!
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Monday 20 June 2016

5 Things I've Learnt From Going to The Gym

1) You will never regret going to the gym
This is something I heard quite often before I started going to the gym properly, and I used to laugh when I heard it, but it is so true. I frequently have days where I would rather go home and order a Dominoes and binge watch Once Upon A Time rather than going to the gym, but I know that I would regret not going to the gym. If you do go, you never find yourself regretting that decision, and I find it great motivation to make myself go and work out on days where I'd quite frankly rather be a slob.

2) No one will be laughing at you
Lots of women don't want to go to the gym because they feel people will be staring/judging/laughing, and it's just never the case! I've been a member at two gyms now and not once have I ever felt anyone laughing or judging me for what I am doing. Occasionally you get the starers who just boggle at you for no reason, but I don't ever feel judged. 

3) Lifting weights won't make you look manly
It's a very common misconception among women that lifting weights or doing weight training will make you look manly, and it's so not true! I joined the gym to lose a couple of pounds and generally tone up, and I can tell you, I would not have dropped a dress size if it wasn't for hitting the Squat Rack and generally lifting weights. I began just doing cardio when I went to the gym, and my progress was slow and my sessions were very tedious. Now I mix things up and do a bit of cardio and a bit of weights and my body is thanking me for it. And no, I do not look like The Incredible Hulk...

4) Exercise = Endorphins = Happiness
I never realised how much exercising makes you happy until I began doing it. When I take rest days now or just have a day where I'm super busy and cannot go to the gym, I really feel it and I get sluggish and a bit down in the dumps. It's all to do with the chemicals that your body produces whilst you're working out, and it's one of the reasons you'll never regret going to the gym - you may leave tired, but you'll be happy and tired.

5) No change in your body can happen without exercise
I often hear people saying they're dieting and not doing any exercise, and without exercise, I have learnt that changing your body is just so hard and takes a lot longer. Incorporating even the tiniest amount of exercise into your daily routine will help you to reach your body goals much quicker and in a more sustainable way.

What have you guys learnt from going to the gym?

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Friday 10 June 2016

Flower Power...


Playsuit: H&M
Shoes: Converse

I'm so excited to share my first outfit post in months with you guys. I'm not super fashionable, as much as I would love to be it's just too expensive to look good, so don't be expecting crazyily beautiful outfits or perfect shots as I'm relying on my boyfriend and friends for these photos, not a professional. They'll improve with time though I promise!

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