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Monday 1 February 2016

How I Kick Started the Year

With the pile of Christmas goodies finally gone now we are in February, it's a great time to truly kickstart your new year the healthy way. I don't know if other students feel this way, but when you come home from University for Christmas it seems as if your family think you are the Christmas Turkey and you need fattening up, it's almost impossible to eat healthily. When I moved back to Uni, it was the perfect time for me to get back into my healthy regime, and I'd like to share with you how I've been keeping myself feeling fit and healthy for the first month of 2016. 

Food is my biggest weakness, I would eat all day if I could. However, being on a very tight budget almost helps me to stay healthy. I picked up a Meal Plan sheet from Wilko's which is brilliant at helping me do my weekly shop, and means that there is no temptation for take out as I know what needs to be eaten and when. Last year I bought myself a roast chicken once a week, and it gave me four or five dinners which worked out so cheap yet so healthy. On the other days I have salmon or wholewheat pasta with homemade Pesto, these are all meals I will definitely be continuing to stick to this year.

Exercise used to be my worst enemy, but 2015 was my year of fitness and my body really changed thanks to regular workouts and shocking my body out of its lazy state. I intend to be keeping up with my 5 gym sessions a week, and perhaps adding in some morning Yoga, as this is something I really miss doing and I feel like it just makes everyday much more calm. I cannot explain to you how different I feel when I exercise, no more feeling lethargic, far less bloated and far less moody strops. 

I have been really successful this past month with keeping organised, and that's all thanks to a £1.50 diary from Wilko's. Writing down all my activities really helps, even down to writing down what my workout will be in the gym. My mind is so much clearer knowing what I am doing and I cannot recommend it enough.

How are you making 2016 the best year ever?!

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