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Monday 12 September 2016

Let's Talk About: Body Image Positivity

We all spend hours endlessly scrolling through Instagram at all these beautiful toned women with the most fleeky makeup and the most insane bodies, but we don't ever take time out to appreciate the bodies that we have and I think that is super important. Not only that, but we all spend so much time slamming the body that we have, or even others bodies and appearances, and nobody needs that negativity!
I put together a collage of women with all different body shapes, and I just want to say that they are all beautiful, yet all very different from each other. We were not put on this planet to all be identical, in fact it'd be pretty boring if we were.

From L to R: Myself, SheMightBeLovedCarly RowenaAYellowBrickBlogLilyMelrose 
From L to R: lilypebblesEmtalksBeth NealeShannonMarieMalin Andersson
From L to R: Ashley NicoleNerdAboutTownHannah MayhewLydia Elise Millendellalovesnutella
From L to R: SirvickalotCardiganjezebelNadia MaalinFashionFairytale
I'll be the first to admit that I frequently have days where I am very down about my body and feel too bloated, or like my boobs aren't big enough or my waist isn't small enough, and I wish it was a feeling that we could eradicate from the world. I will also hold my hands up and say that like most of us, although we don't wish to admit it, I've made comments about people that I definitely shouldn't have in the past, whether it be about a celebrity who has gained a few pounds or somebody that "shouldn't be wearing that". We live in a society where no one is really told off for saying these things, and I wish that wasn't the case. It's awful the amount of negativity you see online about people, especially in the blogging/vlogging industry. Frequently I will be scrolling on Instagram and see comments on Youtubers photos saying "You look like you've put on weight", or something equivalent, and I wish we could all just celebrate each other rather than bash each other down. All these views about what is an 'ideal size' etc comes from the media, which yes has its upsides, but also rather a lot of negatives. Why should anyone be labelled 'fat', 'too fat', 'skinny', or 'too skinny'? What is deemed as 'too fat' or 'too skinny'? 

The media only shows us what are seen as 'the hottest' bodies, and 'the most desireable' appearances, when in fact, these are the minority, and generally they've had work done to look like that, a hell of a lot of photoshopping, or have worked incredibly hard, putting hours in which not everyone has. Don't get me wrong, I am not slating surgery, I'm just saying that most people my age cannot afford to go out and get surgery, and it's not always the answer. My view however, is if you can afford it and it'll make you happy, then go for it, it's your decision to make and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Anyway, moving back onto the media, it is drilled into us from such a young age that big boobs, a big bum and a tiny waist make the 'ideal' woman, making those of us without those features feel pretty darn awful. I think it's time that we all start thinking less about what other people look like and start to be grateful for the healthy bodies that we do have. This is not to say I don't think we shouldn't want to improve ourselves, but we should definitely spend less time wishing we looked like others.What is desireable to one person may not be desireable to another, always remember that! 

I am built with big hips and large thighs and I definitely do not have Kardashian curves, but I am healthy, and I want to take my own advice and just be happy that I have a healthy body. Improving ourselves, if it is something that we want, should be a positive change, and you should not let yourselves get down and disheartened by the fact you do not look like someone from the front of a magazine. We should celebrate people of all shapes and sizes, and no one should be made to feel any less desirable than another. If you're unhappy with one feature of your body, try to think of one of two things you love about yourself, and realise that those things you might think are 'flaws' or 'aren't perfect' 1) are probably things no one else would notice, or 2) are somebody's idea of perfect.

Drop me a comment down below of a feature you love about yourself, and spread some positivity!

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  1. Love this post girl! AMAZING. Being healthy is the most important thing :)

    Nadia | <3

  2. I love this post! Such a great message and so well discussed. I'm currently trying to become more body confident and making sure I exercise regularly and eat well, but like you say it is so hard to break away from what the media perceives as the ideal body

    she dreams

    1. I feel exercising alone makes me feel much more confident in myself, even if I'm not seeing much difference! <3


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