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Friday 21 October 2016

Places I Want To Visit By The End of 2017

I always find that if I write things in a blog post I am ten times more likely to do them, and that's why I am sharing with you guys 5 places I really want to visit by the end of 2017. (Here's to saving up more money than I could ever earn in a year...)

1) Budapest
Almost all of my Uni friends have been to Budapest and have said how beautiful and how cheap it is. I'm keen to visit the thermal baths and also see the castle at night as it looks stunning. If anyone has any blog posts on their trip to Budapest please link me up, inspiration would be lovely so I can plan how much money I need to save.

2) Amsterdam
Amsterdam is just somewhere you need to visit once in your life, and I think going when I'm 21 is the perfect time. I genuinely am interested in going to Anne Frank's house, and there's something about strolling along the canal in Spring that is really appealing to me. I'm not a massive cyclist, but I think Amsterdam would, be a perfect place to explore by bike, and this is something I am super keen to do. 

3) New York
I've always wanted to live in New York, I think it's from the Ugly Betty just looked like such a fun place to live - a better version of London if you will. I refuse to go to New York when I have no money so perhaps I'll have to save this trip for when I've finished my studies. 

4) Disneyland Paris
Can we all appreciate that my first email address was "disneylover_daena", and I have never been to Disneyland?! Madness. I'm not a fan of rides, but I just want to go to meet the characters and I just think the whole experience will be magical so I'm determined to go for my 21st. If anyone has any recommendations or tips on how to make the trip slightly cheaper please holla at me because it's looking like £300 for three nights which kills me a little inside...

5) Edinburgh
For somewhere a little closer to home I really want to visit Edinburgh. It's just one of those cities that really appeals to me, from the shops to the scenery and the history, I just want to see it all. It's surprisingly expensive though so I think this trip will have to be pushed behind Disney.

Where would you love to visit?! Let me know in the comments! 

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