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Monday 7 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: For 'The Disney Lover'

I find Christmas Gift Shopping incredibly stressful when someone hasn't told me specifically what they would like, and so I thought I would put together a little series of Gift Guides for those of you who are like me. Yes, this one is a little more specific, but something which I think will be helpful to more than one of you who may have friends, family, or a partner who is super into Disney, like I am. Let's start at the more pricey end of things.

Bags & Accessories

Kate Spade make the most beautiful handbags and card holders, which I have been lusting after for many a year. Not too long ago they released a collection featured around Minnie Mouse, and these two are my absolute favourite pieces from the collection. Perhaps a little different in price, but for those of you who don't have a small budget, the bag would be eternally appreciated by any Disney Lover.


Lazy Oaf recently came out with this amazing Disney clothing collection, and I am so in love. It is fairly expensive, but it is a pricey brand anyway, and the addition of the Disney name hasn't really bumped up the prices too much. All the clothing is very edgy looking and unique. 

PJ's & Loungewear

If you're after gifts that are on the more affordable side of things, then Pyjamas and Loungewear is definitely the way to go, (also, for any men reading...just would like to say that cute loungewear is the key to a woman's heart...). Both of these sets are from ASOS and are both things I've had saved on my wishlist for a while now! 


If you're after a cheeky Secret Santa present, or just a little Stocking-Filler for a Disney-Lover, then these socks are super cute. Yes, "£5 for one pair of socks", I hear you cry, but they are adorable and who doesn't like a good old pun?! Also, this phone case is amazing, and has major Kate Spade vibes, and I am in love with this Nemo Mug!

Finding Nemo Mug - £10.95

I hope that this is helpful to some of you guys, if not, perhaps it's helpful to anyone in my life who reads my blog posts *hint hint, wink wink*. Let me know down below which you'd love to receive!

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