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Sunday 14 April 2019

The truth behind the Gucci belt...

If you follow me on Instagram you will have probably seen my Gucci belt featured in near enough every single one of my outfit posts. It's the biggest material purchase I've ever made, and something I thought about for the entire year that I was saving for it - which by the way, I wholeheartedly recommend doing when you are thinking of purchasing something the same cost as a holiday... 

The cost per wear for my belt is probably less than £1 now, and I think that shows just how much I love it. It can dress up even the most simple of outfits, I particularly love how chic it looks with a pair of black straight leg jeans and a black turtle-neck tucked in, but I do also love using it as a waist belt to pull in dresses like this gorgeous one from the Sarah Ashcroft In The Style collection, to accentuate my waist. It's honestly just the most versatile accessory, and instantly makes any outfit look more stylish and expensive. 

Although, I predominantly only have positive things to say about the infamous Gucci belt - something no one ever talks about is the fact it is actually relatively uncomfortable to wear when you are sitting down. The way that the GG hangs off the edge of the leather means that the top and base of the GG does dig in a little when you sit down. Since it is a pretty chunky piece of metal, it's not something that I personally can ignore. I'm presuming that since I've never heard anyone speak about it that it doesn't affect all shapes & sizes, and depending on what you are wearing it is pretty unnoticeable. But, you want to wear this with a crop top and jeans for drinks with the girls? When you get up from your bar stool you probably will have an indent in your stomach.

It's by no means unbearable, but when you are spending over £300 on an accessory, I think it is crucial to know all the facts, and I'd never heard anyone mention this until I bought mine! 

With the one and only negative point aside, here are some reasons that you definitely need a Gucci belt in your life:

They come in sizes for literally everyone
Extremely versatile
Dress up any outfit
Make you look boujee as fuck
The quality is insane 
Will last you a lifetime
Gucci will add extra holes for free if your shape changes

I can't think of another thing to say about this beauty so that's a wrap from me. Have you got an infamous Gucci belt or is it a trend that you think is overdone?

Gucci Belt - £320* (affiliate link)

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