Friday, 15 August 2014

Soft, Straight, Silky Hair

We all want hair like what we see in the L'oreal adverts, but realistically our hair will never look like that. Recently I bleached and dyed the ends of my hair turquoise and blue, so the ends are incredibly dry and brittle. I thought it was near enough impossible to get a shine on my hair now, however it isn't! I have found a good combination of products that work well to help me achieve softer and silkier hair. 

 The first is just to use a good moisture replenishing hair mask. The one I have been using is the Pantene 2 Minute Deep Repair Masque which was on reduced in Boots. To be honest I just tend to pick up the cheapest moisturising mask because they all do wonders for my hair. I leave it on for about 3 minutes before I rinse, just to give it time to soak in and do the job. 

Once I have towel dried my hair I spritz it with some heat protectant spray just to stop my hair getting any more damaged, and also some Pantene Overnight Nourishing Spray. I also apply two pumps of the Bed Head Ego Boost Split End Mender which makes my ends much softer. 

Most days I blast my hair with my hair dryer for about a minute and then give up and just let it dry naturally, which is much better for your hair anyway. To straighten my hair I use my GHD IV Straighteners, and then I spray the mid-lengths to ends with my new holy grail hair product, the Batiste Dry Conditioner. After spraying I brush it through just to work it into the hair and even it out. Trust me, it makes my hair feel so incredibly soft and I was mind blown the first time I used it. Et voila!

Thats pretty much it, but trust me these products make such a difference to my hair when I straighten it and I feel like I've just stepped out of the hair dressers! 

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  1. Well, first off, you have beautiful hair! I'm definitely going to have to try out these products - My hair is ridiculously thick and mane like, and I have yet to find any products to tame it! Thanks for the tips!


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