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Friday 19 September 2014

Stay Bright, Look Awake

With the summer holidays distant memories and the school term well underway, I thought this post would be appropriate. Personally, I used to really struggle with getting up for school and looking and feeling my best, particularly in my GCSE years. For a few years I struggled to fall asleep at night, and my eyes suffered in the morning, with my dark circles even more enhanced (they're pretty bad naturally anyway so lack of sleep doesn't help much). Here are a few tips I have if you find it hard to fall asleep on school nights, or wake up looking super tired!

1) Download an app called Digipill. I think I have spoken about this app before, maybe in a favourites post, I can't really remember. Basically, it is an app with a few recordings on it to help with different situations, for example stress. You get one free recording when you download the app, and after that I believe they range from £2.00-£5.00. I haven't actually paid for any of the recordings as I primarily use it to de-stress and calm, which happens to be the 'pill' I got free when I downloaded the app. Its sort of like meditation and I cannot describe how helpful it is - really, just download it and see! I recommend you listen to "T-Break" before bed when all your electronics are turned off, it just sends me straight to sleep.

2) Now, I am going to sound completely like a parent here but its such a helpful tip and I really wish I had done this in my earlier school years. Turn off any electrical devices or at least put them aside half an hour before you intend to fall asleep, and pick up a book instead. I used to think my Mum and Dad were joking when they told me to put my phone away when I was in bed, but I have really noticed a difference now when I come off my laptop earlier and put my phone away half an hour before bed.

3) Before you go to bed put a teaspoon in your fridge to keep it cool. In the morning put the teaspoon under your eyes, this will just help to keep any puffiness at bay, and will also make you feel a hell of a lot more awake. 

4) Line your waterline with a nude liner like the Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner in Nude. It just helps to cancel out any redness and really brightens up the eyes! The liner is also waterproof so it works perfectly well on the waterline.

5) Lastly, make sure you curl your eyelashes! If you have naturally curly lashes then you wont need to bother, but I don't, so when I do curl them I really notice a difference in my eyes. It helps to just lift the eyes and makes the eye area look more alert and awake. 
That's all for my tips, but trust me all of these will really help and will make you feel 100 times better when you're sat in school!

I hope that these tips are helpful and actually work for you!

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