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Monday 27 July 2015

5 Things To Do Before Your Holiday

I'm off on holiday soon, in 12 days to be precise, and I cannot wait! Obviously, with going away comes a lot of planning and things which you must do, so I thought I would share with you my top 5 essential things to do before you depart (aside from the obvious things!).

1) Make a Playlist - There's nothing like listening to good tunes on the beach and falling asleep in the warmth of the sun. I love making a new playlist every time I go on holiday because music makes amazing memories. I always find that I hear songs that were on my playlist when I come back home, and I am immediately taken back to that week of lying on the beach doing nothing.

2) Exfoliate - now I am not saying just the day before exfoliate your arms and legs, but exfoliate your whole body a few times before you go away. This will prepare the skin and ensure that you get the best and most long lasting tan that you can. Exfoliating gets rid of all the dead skin on the surface of your body, so you will be feeling super soft and smooth before you jet off!

3) Buy A New Perfume - This is perhaps something that is best to do at Duty Free, atleast this is where I would normally do it as it's cheaper. But perfume also works great at helping you to remember memories. I love spraying perfume when I am at home and immediately thinking back to the holiday I took that perfume on. Its just a great way to store your memories as such.

4) Get a Pedicure - A manicure not so much, as this is something you can easily do yourself. I think that there is nothing more important than having smooth and well presented feet when you are on holiday, It might sound a little strange, but who wants to be staring at someone's crusty feet hanging off the end of a lounger....? No one. 

5) Ensure you have something to take photos on - Again this might sound a little bit silly, but the amount of times I have gone on holiday and wanted to take a nice photo and my phone has said "Memory Full". Its the most annoying thing. Make sure that you have cleared your phone so you have enough space to capture your memories. If you're using a camera then make sure you have charged it (again sounds silly, but something I normally forget), and ensure you have enough space on your memory card!

What do you always do before you go away?

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