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Monday 4 April 2016

Brows on Fleek?

Lets all just take a moment to realise how late on the bandwagon I am with this one!

Incase you have never stepped foot on instagram or have just been under a rock for the past two or so years, there is a brow product on the market which is just perfect for creating the most fleeky brows you have ever seen. Introducing Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade! It is a creamy gel type formula which creates the sharpest of brows but also can create the most natural looking ones too. 

As someone who prefers their brows quite strong, but also quite natural at the front, this product is amazing for me as you can work up the opaqueness of the product. I did find it quite hard to find the right colour as I had to rely heavily on swatches from other bloggers as obviously this is only available online in the UK. I went for the shade Dark brown, and it is actually a perfect match for me.

It has amazing staying power as it has a waterproof formula, making it perfect for those summer holidays we are all dreaming of. Personally I do find it takes a little bit longer to do my brows in the morning with this, but at the same time they do look ten times better so I can't really complain. I got mine from BeautyBay for £15.00! I can tell this is going to last a while so it's definitely worth the price.

Oh p.s. you can finally scratch that eyebrow itch with dipbrow on your brows as it won't budge, kerching (do people still say that...?)!

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  1. This product definitely is everywhere eon Instagram. I have her brow pencil, its not bad but i know it can be better so i will check this out. Thank you.

    Simply Uneeke


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