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Friday 26 August 2016

Starting University Series: Fun, Friendships and The Work

Finding balance at University can be really hard, especially with the temptation of going out all the time and just sitting in front of Netflix all day, but balance is so important in order to succeed.


Having fun is the most crucial thing (in my opinion) whilst at University. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you won't ever find yourself living with some of your best friends whilst not having to work from 9-5 everyday. Fun doesn't necessarily come in the form of alcohol might I add! Me and my housemates have had some of our best nights just sat in our kitchen chatting till some ungodly hour of the morning, and it's those nights you'll remember forever. But honestly, don't sit with your head in books all year, or studying in the library all year, you won't have fun and you'll massively regret it at the end of the year when you realise you've worked yourself too hard and didn't have much fun at all. Spend those odd nights down the pub, do the pub quiz every Thursday, and have fun!


The friends you make at Unviersity really are for life, and you'll probably find you're much closer to them than those you were close with at school. It's simply down to the environment you're in, and also due to the fact your best friends from school are probably the opposite end of the country to you. I was super lucky with my Flatmates in first year, and they are honestly my best friends, but I also know some people who weren't so lucky. The best way to make friends is to be social and join societies. I majorly regret not joining a society in my first year, but this year I am running the Makeup Society, so hopefully this means I will get to meet lots of new people. Anyway, back to you guys, please join a society or two, it's such a great way to meet people with similar interests.

Another way to meet new friends is to go to the parties you are invited to, and make yourself known to the people on the floors above and below you. We had great house parties in our flat as we were friends with all three floors below us, and that's because on our first night they all came up to introduce themselves. Your friends at Uni will be your best and strongest support system when you're going through a hard time, or just feeling a bit low from missing home. Building that friendship is key and it's the thing I am most grateful for,

The Work

Starting out at University, the work load can be a bit overwhelming as all assignments seem to come at the same time, and you're really not spoon fed like you are back at school. Saying that, it's really nothing to worry about. If you were clever enough to get into University in the first place, you are more than capable of the work which will be thrown at you. One of my top tips would be to do assignments earlier rather than later, although some of my housemates say they work best under pressure. Personally, I stress too much when my deadlines are close and therefore like to have my work submitted around 3 days before the final deadline. Really, the first year of your degree is no harder than A Levels, and I (controversially) would say that it's probably a bit easier, depending on your course, as a lot of content is repeats of what you will have learn at A Level. Although you are at Uni for the degree, don't let the work stress you out and ruin your time there, after all first year doesn't count for most courses and universities!

I hope you guys have all found this series helpful, I loved writing it as it was nice to reminisce on my first year as I am now entering my third and final year of my degree. Good luck to all of you going off to Uni and I hope you love being a fresher as much as I did!

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