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Friday 12 August 2016

Starting University Series: Packing & Moving Out

Moving out of home and driving to University at the end of September is a vivid memory for me, probably because it was only two years ago, but also because it was the most nervous and excited I have ever been. I wanted to start a mini-series on my blog about Starting University, because it is such a mixed experience for everyone, but something I think everyone who's been through it can agree on is that it was a teeny bit scary. 


Knowing what to take to University might seem simple, stuff to cook with and clothes? Well, you're wrong. There were so many simple things that I just completely forgot to pack with me, such as stationary (which might seem obvious, but in the kafuffle of moving out you tend to forget these things). On the opposite side of things there was so much stuff which I took that I just didn't need to take. For example, I did not need to take every single jumper I owned, nor did I need to take every single pair of shoes (my flatmates can vouch for me on this!). I'm thinking of making a PDF file of a checklist of things I think are essential when moving to University, let me know if you'd like this! 

Moving In

I know my high school did many 'prepping for University' talks and we were told by about two different people to take food, such as a homemade cake, on your first day to share with your new housemates. Now...I never did this...nor do I know anyone who did. There are a couple of things I would suggest doing on moving in day.

1) Get There Early
A few Universities do make you book a time to move in, but if this isn't a thing at your Uni, then make sure you get there early. I was the last to arrive in my halls, and it meant I didn't get first choice of cupboards and was the last to be introduced to the group, which I think is much more scary than there being only one other person there when you move in.

2) Take Toilet Roll
Something you might think is super simple but I always forgot toilet roll on my shopping trips, and it's one thing you don't want to forget on your first day!

3) Be Sociable
It can be really easy to just stay in your room crying once your family have dropped you off, but this really is the worst thing to do. Make a good first impression and make yourself seem like a friendly and sociable person. There is nothing worse than feeling lonely when you are in a new place. Don't worry as everyone you will be living with will be just as nervous as you are!

Next week I have a post coming up on budgeting, something which I think is super important whilst at University, and something which I struggled with in my first year whilst adjusting.

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