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Saturday 20 January 2018

Advice we all need to take on board for 2018...

We all have the power to make ourselves, and the people around us, a little happier. This year, I urge you all to take this advice, so we can help one another have the best and the happiest year yet! (featuring rainy pictures of moi)

Support Your Friends
Sometimes we all forget to support those around us. I can sometimes forget to like my friends instagrams, or comment on their latest blog posts, or congratulate them when they achieve something at work. We should all help to raise each other, and praise one another for our achievements. Knowing that people appreciate what you do and take an interest in it, is such a nice feeling.

Look After YOU
Putting yourself first is something that as we all get older seems to become harder and harder, with partners, families, and children to think about. We all need to take more time out for ourselves, to treat ourselves, have a cheeky pamper, and de-stress. Looking after yourself will only have positive repercussions, so take this year to start.

Don't Regret Your Decisions
It can be so easy to look back at all your past mistakes and choices and question 'what if...?', but in 2018, I urge you all to not regret your past choices and decisions. Everything happens for a reason whether it's a break up, losing a friend, not getting that dream house or dream job, just remember it all happens for a reason. Learn from these 'mistakes' and decisions and try not to regret anything.

Think Before You Speak
This is another thing I am so guilty of, and with social media being ever present in all of our lives, it is so important to remember to think before you speak. There is never an excuse for writing offensive comments to people, or equally saying them to someone face to face, but what I am trying to say is sometimes we all speak too quickly and don't think about what someone is going through. My biggest pet peeve is when strangers say "smile" to you in that horrible sarcastic tone. It's like...if I want to have a face like a slapped arse, then let me. You never know what's going on in someone else's life, behind closed doors, so just think before you say things to others.

Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Similar - Topshop
Jumper - Missguided
Boots - ASOS
Wishbone Necklace - jewellerybox
Round Pendant Necklace - jewellerybox

Although this was probably a very boring post and not the usual fashion/beauty post you were hoping for, I think it is so important that we all take on this advice this year...


  1. 'Thinking before you speak' is definitely a piece of advice we all need to follow. It's funny how we can all nod at that notion but i'm sure that we've all at quite a few points fallen short of following that advice.

  2. Nice post! I definitely need to work on not regretting past mistakes. I'm one of those people who tends to dwell on things for wayyyy too long.

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