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Monday 30 July 2018

The pink dress of dreams and my fear of wearing dresses

Despite the fact I am typing this whilst sat in the car watching the rain pour onto the windscreen, the weather recently has been ridiculously hot. Me being a massive winter baby, I had no summer clothes (appropriate for the UK), so took it upon myself to do a cheeky ASOS haul of some pretty pieces to keep me cool in the heat, and this dress was one of them.

I won't lie, I find the concept of wearing dresses in the heat, especially in London, a little daunting. Why? I hear you ask. Well - chub-rub is the reason. A few weeks ago my Mum was telling me about a conversation she had had with one of her friends about chaffing, and how she never even knew this was a thing - I was shocked that she'd never even heard anyone talking about it before. Pretty much everyone I know is affected by chaffing, even some of my more petite friends. Although of course if you have chunkier thighs, like myself, we do tend to get it a little worse. I think all of us who suffer with chub-rub in Summer can confirm it is the most uncomfortable and painful feeling, and you just want to waddle instead of walk. Thankfully, it seems like chaffing is now being recognised by a lot of high-street retailers and online stores, such as Pretty Little Thing, who have now bought out bands to put on your thighs when you are wearing dresses, and you won't be bothered by chaffing anymore. 

Back to this dress anyway, after that little detour! It's a super light linen-y material, which means it creases so bad - as you can see from the photos, but me having to get out an iron to wear this dress is so worth it. With it being so light, it is a tiny bit sheer, so I would recommend nude underwear with this one. 

I'm such a fan of anything off-shoulder, I find it is super flattering on me, and my neck/chest area is one of my favourite parts of myself, is that weird?  I hope that this style sticks around for a lot longer! With it being a more skater-style dress also, it is perfect for those Summer dinners out, or cocktails with the girls, when you are definitely going to be needing something to hide the bloat.

I would recommend perhaps sizing up in this dress if you have slightly larger boobs, or don't want it to cling to you too much, as there really is no stretch in the material at all. 

Please tell me I am not the only one with this ridiculous fear of wearing dresses in Summer, and let me know your top anti-chaffing tips in the comments, help a girl out!

Dress: ASOS

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