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Monday 2 September 2019

A healthy pot noodle you say... | gifted

Yup, you heard correctly, a healthy pot noodle is now on the market. I've never actually had a "real" pot-noodle, but I was so intrigued by Mr Lee's after meeting with the brand at the Holland & Barrett press day. The story behind the brand is what really got me, and I was desperate to try these noodles after speaking with their PR. They very kindly sent me these to review, and i've really been enjoying having them as an easy office lunch for the past week and a bit.

Ok, so I know you're al intrigued by how these can be 'healthy', I hear you, so let me rewind to the story behind the brand. Mr Lee's was created by a man named Damien, who was told by doctors that he had weeks left to live after being diagnosed with Cancer. Whilst receiving his treatment, all he craved was his favourite instant noodles, but he knew that they were full of crap and essentially wouldn't help him fight his battle. So that was when Mr Lee's noodles were born.

Unlike your other brand instant noodles, these contain no MSG, hydrogenated fats or any other nasties, and are made with real ingredients from around the globe. Their noodles also average around 2g of salt per cup, which is almost six times lower than other instant noodles out there. Each flavour has real pieces of vegetables or meat, which are freeze dried to keep all the nutrients locked in. Also, not that I'm one to count calories, but they're also low calorie too unlike a lot of other fast-food options. 

I was skeptical about trying these, how can something this low in calories be filling and tasty?! I've had some of those "diet" ready meals in my time and quite frankly they've never filled me up and have left me still feeling hungry, but these really were full of flavour and kept me going all afternoon, I just had my standard Special K Fibre One bar before the gym to give me a boost . 

I was lucky enough to try all the flavours and I think my favourite was the Warrior Fighting Shrimp, it had legit pieces of shrimp in it, although was a little on the spicy side. A close second would be the Tai Chi Chicken - if you're not a veggie/vegan I'd recommend trying these flavours. Really though, all the flavours were lovely and seasoned well. A couple of the flavours are vegetarian and vegan too which is great.

Another thing that I love about the brand is that their packaging is entirely recyclable, you just have to remove the card outer and rinse the container before popping it in the recycling bin. If you read my blog regularly or follow me on socials you'll probably have seen my multiple posts about how I really want to be a bit more green, and have a more sustainable lifestyle. Normally I would try to avoid single-use plastic, but on rare occasions when you are short on time, ready-packaged food is convenient but I wouldn't necessarily make a habit of having them all the time.

These are now available in Holland & Barrett or from the Mr Lee's website direct at £15 for 6. If you're trying to opt for a healthy lunch I'd recommend trying these, especially if like me you work in an office and sometimes find yourself eating at your desk. 

I'd love to hear your healthy lunch recommendations!

* this post contains gifted items

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