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Monday 9 September 2019

Morphe 35B review | look & swatches

If you've been around here for a long time you'll know that I used to have a slightly unhealthy obsession with buying makeup. Pretty much 25% of my student loan definitely went on unnecessary makeup purchases, but it was my biggest passion at the time. For quite a while makeup was on the backburner and I really enjoyed creating fashion content, but now makeup has won it's way back to 1st place. With the fashion/beauty battle going on in my heart (wow that sounded dramatic), I hadn't made any new eyeshadow palette purchases in quite some time, until the Morphe 35B palette caught my eye with its bold and bright colours.

If you're here, chances are you were thinking of buying this palette and wanted to see what someone else thought of it and what the pigmentation is really like. Well, short answer is that it is a great palette with pretty good pigmentation, but as with all palettes there are some colours which are lacking a little. Stay tuned for all the swatches!

With 35 shades in the palette, even if you don't like blue eyeshadow for example, you can still create such a plethora of looks. There's sometimes a risk with colourful palettes that they won't include some basic shades, but the inclusion of a handful of neutrals, a white, and some colours that could definitely be used as transition shades, Morphe have covered all bases. 

In terms of the texture of the shadows I did find that some of the matte shades are a little chalky, but the majority of them are creamy. The shimmers are definitely buttery in texture and didn't seem to lack in pigmentation as much as some of the mattes did. 

I do always find with larger palettes that you do get some hit and miss shades, but the ones that I found were a miss were shades I probably wouldn't get much use out of anyway. Those which were a little less pigmented were easy enough to build up and intensify, and I think that with a bit of Fix+ on a flat brush, or a lot of patience, you'd be sorted. 

I swatched each column (that sounds weird, but rows are across horizontally right?) one at a time, starting from the right hand side of the palette. The column second from the right (purple) and the second from the left (coral) were definitely the most "miss" out of all of them as I did have to do a bit of back and forth to get the colour payoff that is shown. There must be something about purple and coral shadows that makes the pigmentation really hard to nail. In my opinion, the blue and the pink columns are 100% the best, the best pigmentation and the butteriest textures.  

Just a quick warning, some of the darker colours, particularly the green shades, did stain my arm a little when swatching, so I would say that priming the lids with something like a MAC Paint Pot or a nude coloured cream shadow is essential - unless you want green stained lids for a few days.

L to R: Deep Dive, Sky, Azure, Denim, Pebble 

L to R: Ink, Lavender, Purplish, Grape Pop, Frosty 

L to R: Forest, Earthy, Ziggy, Apple Cider, Moss Bros

L to R: Beets Me, Bikini, Fuchsia, Pixie, Wild Berry 

L to R: Puffs, Chicory, Pom Pom, Lollipop, Heart 

L to R: Watermelon, Brilliant, Smoothie, Bubble Gum, Pillow 

L to R: Sunshine, Lemonade, Fairy, Pale, Chalk

My collection of Morphe palettes is slowly growing, and I do have to say they are my first point of call when I am looking for something new. They are soon to be stocked at Boots so I don't doubt that my Morphe spending will continue. I really think they are such a great brand, and something that makes them a big selling point for me is that they don't test on animals. 

I've done two looks with this palette since I got it, one massively inspired by Taylor Swift's album Lover with the pink, lilac and yellow colours, and another bright pink cut crease. Head over to my Instagram to see the Lover inspired look!

So, my final thoughts? A must-have palette that everyone who likes to be creative with their makeup should own. It's perfect for all skin tones due to its range of lighter and darker shades, and is well worth the price at almost 92p per shadow. This palette has really reignited my inspiration with makeup and I can't wait to create a whole array of rainbow looks with it. I've definitely caught the colour-eyeshadow-bug, no more neutral looks for me thank you!

Morphe 35B Palette* - £23

*affiliate link

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