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Friday 5 July 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul!

As payday was last week I decided to order a few bits and bobs from Fragrance Direct (amazing makeup for extremely reduced prices). I ordered 2 Maybelline Popsicle Lipsticks, a Calvin Klein Lipstick and an Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue Cheek Colour (i.e Blusher). This lot only came to something like £12 which is incredibly considering the Elizabeth Arden blusher alone is usually double this (at precisely £24).The Elizabeth Arden Blusher was only £4.50 and I got it in the shade "Berry Blush" because I own quite a few pinky blushers and I thought that a purpley shade was different, and something I certainly wouldn't normally pick up in Superdrug. I was a bit worried one I placed the order that maybe this was the wrong choice but now that it's come and I've tried it out, I'm so impressed and happy that I bought it! You really don't need a lot of it (else it looks like a bruise on your cheek), and the colour is so beautiful yet subtle. There is a slight shimmer to it but not too much - which is perfect for me! I'm so pleased I put this in the basket before I paid because it was 100% the right choice!

 I got the Maybelline Popsicle Lipsticks (RRP £7.49) in the colours Tropical Pink and Cherry Pop. Again I hadn't heard very good things about these lipsticks but at £1.99 I thought I might aswell give them a go. I chose the pink and the red because they were the most standard colours available and the ones that I would get the most wear out of. I swatched them on my hand when they arrived and I thought "what...they don't even have a colour" - but if you go over it a few times there is a subtle colour and it looks really natural and pretty. I find that these leave my lips feeling moisturized unlike most lipsticks! I do recommend these but I don't recommend paying the full £7.49 because although they are good, they aren't that good. 

Lastly, the Calvin Klein Delicious Truth Lipstick in the shade Contrast. I was a bit disappointed by this product if I'm completely honest because I find the twister to make the lipstick rise up is very weak, in other words it takes a lot of twisting before the lipstick is usable. I'm not sure if mine was just faulty but I found it didn't seem right. The colour on the other hand is lovely, maybe slightly too much shimmer but the colour itself is very nice and bright. I suppose that since I only paid £1.99 for it (RRP was £15) I cannot complain about there being too much shimmer.

Hopefully you can see the colours and the way these products came out on my skin from the swatches above. Personally I think my camera has dulled down the colour of all the swatches a tiny bit - but you can get the idea!

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  1. Great post! I'm about to make an order from Fragrance Direct too but I was debating over if I should get the Maybelline Lipstick or not. They are not as pigmented as I thought :S


    1. Hi Kookii,
      I wasn't impressed with the Maybelline Lipsticks originally but I have grown to like them! They smell divine and are really moisturising. They're more of a lip tint :)
      Daena x


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