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Saturday 27 July 2013

MUA Undressed Palette

 Yesterday I finally got my hands on the MUA Undressed palette which has been sold out for so long in all my local Superdrugs'. I was so excited to take it home and try them out because I haven't seen how they come out on my skin tone. 

The packaging of the palette is pretty much what you can expect from a cheap brand like MUA, it's not amazing but it does hold all the shadows nicely and I think it is quite a nice design. The hinges don't look like they'll hold for very long as they don't feel too sturdy but at £4 what more can you expect.

I love how there is a range of matte and sparkly colours as I find that sparkly colours look slightly OTT and really dress up an outfit, so if you're simply going out shopping, you're going to look a little silly - in my opinion. This palette therefore can be used during the day for a natural look and at night. It really reminds me of the Sleek palettes and its been said before that this is like a dupe of the Naked palette by Urban Decay - but a quarter of the price.
excuse the fact the palette is looking dirty, I did swatches with it before taking this picture.
 At this point I had really high hopes for this palette so I decided to swatch each colour on my arm. Some of them I was impressed with, others...not so much. I found that shade 3 did not even come out the palette, it was like there was a thin layer of plastic covering it but there wasn't , so I had to scratch into the surface to even get a small bit of colour onto my arm. All the other colours were absolutely stunning though! A couple were slightly too similar to my skin tone so I probably wont use them unless I just want to even out my eyelids, but the range of colours is just fantastic. I did find that the sparkly colours were far more pigmented than the matte ones, however this may just be due to my skin tone. I like how there are two smokey colours at the end of the palette which means you can create a perfect smokey eye for a night out if you have slightly darker skin where a brown smokey eye just wouldn't look as nice. 
The colours from left to right are Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 3 etc etc you get the picture haha!

The applicator that was included in the palette is a little flimsy but it does the job. I would recommend getting another applicator however, if you do not have one already. I find that the ELF ones are amazing and they're literally £1 or something ridiculously cheap like that. It is quite handy though how there is an applicator included, as this means you can use the palette on the go without having to carry an extra brush which will only get dirty in your bag! 

Overall I am very pleased with this palette because at £4 I really wasn't expecting much, and I usually find that with natural palettes the colours don't really suit my skin tone because they are too light and are more suited to fairer skin. However there was a huge range and some of the colours were very pigmented which again I wasn't expecting. I do recommend this palette because it's just such good value for money. If you have darker skin like me, then the sparkly colours will come out so much nicer than the matte ones because for some reason these aren't so pigmented but oh well! I'm still so glad I made this purchase. I give this palette a 9/10 purely because it's so cheap, the packaging is okay and the range of colours is amazing!

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