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Tuesday 10 June 2014

Summer Holiday Nail Picks

Go bright or go home! 

A lot of my favourite summer polishes are bright coral colours as they just compliment my skin tone amazingly, but there are a few others that aren't in the coral zone so I thought I would show you my 'go to'/'must have' nail colours for a summer holiday.

From Left to Right we have - Models Own Coral Reef, Barry M Gelly Satsuma, LA Colours Hottie, Models Own Banana Split, Barry M Gelly Greenberry and Barry M Bubblegum.

1. Models Own - Coral Reef
I actually only got this a few weeks ago but I know its the colour I want to have on my Toes when I go away. Its a bright coral but not too bright and is definitely more of a red tone than an orange. 

2. Barry M Gelly - Satsuma
How could I not include this?! It is one of my favourite all time polishes let alone just for a holiday. Its super bright but more on the red side of orange than the yellow side. If you're a red polish wearer in Winter then this is perfect for you for summer when you want less of a Christmassy feel to your nails.

3. LA Colours - Hottie
Definitely not a polish for everyone! I think it would probably drown out paler skin tones but for a more dark or olive/tanned colour it would love lovely and would definitely compliment a tan. 

4. Models Own - Banana Split
This is probably the only 'not so bright' colour, as it is a pastel yellow colour. I love that these polishes really do smell like the fruits they say they do - this one smells like foam bananas yum!

5. Barry M Gelly - Greenberry
Another Gelly- surprise surprise. A gorgeous minty green shade that I can imagine looking gorgeous with a white bikini *dreams of holiday* - okay I can't wait to go away!

6. Barry M - Bubblegum
This is more of an accent nail polish but it can be worn over the top of other colours which is super cool. It is one of those that is a pain to get off, but if you only put it on one nail it doesn't cause too much hassle. I always use this on my ring finger over a pale blue polish. 
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