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Friday 13 January 2017

How I Do Train Travel

I hate travelling by train. Especially my long journey from Colchester to Wallington when I visit home. The only train I don't mind is the Eurostar, because the excitement of visiting Paris rather much outweighs the train journey to get there. I thought I'd write a brief post on how I survive my train journeys and make them just a little more bearable. 

- Netflix Downloads + Headphones

Netflix Downloads is possibly the best invention of 2016. It basically means that you can download episodes of your favourite Netflix show to watch when you don't want to use your data. I recently downloaded The Crown to watch on my travels, and I am absolutely in love with it. The set and scenery is just stunning, and the acting is perfection!

- Starbucks

A hot drink is definitely the best way to make your journey a little better. I only get my drinks when I am on my final stretch of my journey as I have the most annoying bladder and always need a wee.  Starbucks Soy Chai Latte is forever my drink of choice, and it helps me forget that I am on a god forsaken Southern train. 

- A Book

 Currently I am reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, which I happened to take on my last train journey. I like to always keep a book with me as it's a great way to help take your mind off the journey ahead of you. Not so great for those that get severe travel sickness though.

- Sweets

Sometimes on long journeys when it gets a little stuffy, even I, who doesn't suffer with travel sickness, can get a little nauseous. I always make sure I have a pack of sweets with me or anything sugary really, as it really helps when the sickness kicks in.

- A Calming Roll-On
My mum gave me a small roller ball oil which you rub on your wrists when you're feeling anxious. I don't tend to get anxious about travelling on trains unless I am stuck on the underground for quite some time, in which case I do use one. If you're not a good traveller I highly recommend getting hold of one. They sell them at lots of local health stores, and they're generally called something along the lines of "roller ball aromatherapy oil". 

How do you cope with train travelling?


  1. Great post it was so helpful and you gave some really handy tips! I read a book and normally get a drink but should really get around to using Netflix offline now! Xx

  2. Oooh I didnt know you could watch Netflix offline now! Thanks for the tip hun! xxx

    Tash |

  3. I am so watching Netflix offline now I have no idea! Lovely post xx


  4. I'm the opposite and absolutely love travelling by train - I find it very calming. I totally didn't realise that Netflix offline was a thing and I'm so excited since I'm starting to get bored of all my music playlists and I get travel sick when I read.

    - Sarah


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