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Friday 20 January 2017

My 5 Holy Grail Makeup Brushes

In a beauty world filled with a million and one different makeup brushes, I think I have found my five holy grail brushes, and also need to buy a new brush holder...

So, Jaclyn Hill was the cause of every single one of these purchases, and although my bank balance is not thanking her, I definitely am. I've always been the biggest Real Techniques fan, and I still am to this day, but these Morphe and Sigma brushes are just something else. They're super soft and I swear my makeup is always on point when I use these, if I do say so myself.

I use the M460 for baking under my contour, as it allows me to get a super sharp and clean line. I used to use a sponge to apply my powder for baking, but this is so much more precise. As for the M438, I use this for highlighter, as it allows a precise application and always blends it into my cheekbones nicely. 

If you're after a big, chunky, *where am I going with this....*, soft buffing brush for your base, the M439 is perfect. A lot of my buffing brushes don't feel soft after you use them for the first time, but this one is still ridiculously soft. I love using it with heavier coverage foundations and almost stippling it into the skin before I then use it to buff the product in. 

I've also discovered my perfect eye blending duo! I've wanted a MAC 217 brush since I first ventured into the realms of Youtube, but after many, many years I still have not bitten the bullet and just bought one. The Sigma E25 is an amazing dupe however, and it's really soft, allowing a flawless blend of eyeshadows. I tend to use this with blending shadows together on the lid, whereas I use the E40 to blend out my transition shade and my crease. 

I cannot rave about Sigma and Morphe brushes enough! I'm dying to try some of the Sigma beauty products, because if they're even half as good as these brushes I'll be very impressed. Let me know if you've tried anything!

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  1. Those brushes look amazing. I actually don't own any brush sets. There are so many amazing sets out there and just don't know which one to get. I'll definitely check this one out. xo

    Antonia Sweet Passions


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